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ville-decorating is a brand, or the brand of our company is engaged in the DIGITAL MAGAZINE, E-BOOK, ONLINE MARKETING
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DIGITAL MAGAZINE/Digital/Electronic Magazine Magazine/e-Magazine is an electronic version of the journal, no longer use a paper raw material to present and write articles like most magazines in General. In the e-Magazine article writing or presentation in the form of digital files that can be easily accessed through various electronic media such as mobile phone, Blackberry, iPhone, Laptop, etc. The primary focus of the material in the e-Magazine we are about a particular home design we offer for you who are looking for a reference for designing your home or just update the info about Home design.

The e-BOOK as well as e-Magazine this is another version of the book that no longer uses paper media like books. Currently, we are preparing some special e-Book products of good home design which we will share it for free or paid.

ONLINE MARKETING/INTERNET MARKETING matches the name of this service then we will help do commercialization of a product or service by using Internet media. Includes the creation of a variety of advertising products, then search the prospect or potential buyers, making marketing articles and also writing sentences for buying or commonly termed copywriting. Shape services are can we help you with the work on the creation of web design or web design, online advertising in the form of banners, help promote the company through search engines (SERP), deals via e-mail or e-mail advertising, affiliate program or affiliate marketing, etc.

PUBLISHER by definition then this Publisher is a term for the majority of bloggers who helped publish the ads which have been prepared in detail the material by the advertiser or the advertiser.

Digital products and services we will be officially launching on December 30, 2016. For anyone both individuals and businesses who want to work with us, please contact our marketing team. In the link Contact Us